The 2018 Fulbright Foreign Student Program


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  • Visit the Commission or check its website on Tuesday, April 24 to see if your application was received at the Commission. The list of applications received at the Commission by the deadline will be posted on the bulletin board inside the gate at the Fulbright Commission (Gyaneshwor), and the Commission website
  • The list of those who pass the initial screening and their test dates will also be posted on the Commission notice board, and the Commission website. Visit the Commission or check its website on Thursday, May 3 to find out (a) if your application passed the initial screening and (b) the date you have been assigned to for English Language testing. Those who pass the initial screening will be required to sit for an English language exam between May 7-9. The English language test requirement during the selection process may be waived for those who pass the initial screening and have either: 1) a valid CBT TOEFL score of 230 (or iBT TOEFL score of 88, or PBT TOEFL score of 570) or higher, and have attached copies of the score report with the application; or 2) have passed the English language test administered by USEF-Nepal in April 2017.
  • Appear at the Fulbright Commission (Gyaneshwor) for English language testing on your scheduled date with a photo identification (e.g. passport, driver’s license, etc.). Those required to sit for the English language test but unable to do so will automatically become ineligible.
  • The results of the English test will be posted at the Fulbright Commission and the website approximately 5-10 working days after the last test. Note, however, that passing the English test is not a guarantee that you will be interviewed.
  • The Fulbright Commission will review completed applications and announce the list of applicants to be interviewed. The list of finalists and their interview date will be posted on the bulletin board inside the gate at the Fulbright Commission (Gyaneshwor) and on the Commission website during the first week of June 2018. Those who pass the English test (or who are waived from taking the test because of their qualifying scores in TOEFL or the English language test administered by USEF-Nepal as mentioned above) are requested to check the bulletin board (or the website) on that date. Interviews are tentatively scheduled to occur in or about last week of June/ first week of July 2018. If you are a finalist, you must be available during these times.
  • Visa sponsorship: All grantees receive an exchange visitor (J-1) visa which requires that the individuals return to Nepal upon completion of their academic project. Grantees are not eligible for an immigrant visa, for permanent residence, or for a non-immigrant visa as a temporary worker ("H" visa) or trainee, or as an intra-company transferee ("L" visa) to re-enter the United States until they have accumulated two years residence in Nepal after returning from the United States on an exchange visitor visa. This does not preclude the individual from going to the United States on other visas during the two-year period.
    Depending upon budget availability, approximately four to six candidates will be nominated by the Fulbright Board in Nepal for the Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship.




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