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The Opportunity Funds Program 2020


Guidelines for Opportunity Funds Program Application Form

This document has been prepared to assist applicants in filling the Opportunity Funds Program Application Form 2020 (please also read ‘Opportunity Funds Program Frequently Asked Questions’ and ‘Information on Plagiarism’). As some of the questions on the Application Form are very basic, this document does not explain every question from the Application Form. Please read the eligibility criteria for the program before completing the Application Form. Only eligible applicants should apply for the Opportunity Funds Program. The application deadline is Friday, March 29, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. The information you provide on the application form must be complete and accurate. Incomplete applications or applications with falsified information will not be considered. Likewise, late applications or applications not submitted through USEF-Nepal’s online application system will not be considered.

After reading this document, the 'Opportunity Funds Program Frequently Asked Questions,' and ‘Information on Plagiarism,’ if you have further questions about the Opportunity Funds Program, please attend one of the Q&A sessions offered at USEF-Nepal. Please note, as indicated in the FAQs document, that email, phone calls and in-person queries about the program will not be entertained.

A complete application consists of the following:

  1. Completed Opportunity Funds Program Application Form 2020 (Pages 1-5).
  2. Uploaded scanned copies of your transcripts.

    If you have completed Class 12 or equivalent at the time of application, the following documents are required:
    • SLC/SEE Mark Sheet
    • Class 11 and 12 Transcript (or A-Levels Transcripts, or equivalent. Send what is applicable to your case).

    If you are studying in Class 12 or equivalent at the time of application, the following documents are required:

    • SLC/SEE Mark Sheet
    • Class 11 Mark Sheet (or A-Levels/ AS Transcripts, or equivalent. Send what is applicable to your case).
      IMPORTANT: If you are enrolled in an A-Levels (or other) program and you have not yet taken or received transcripts of any board administered exams, then you must include internal mark-sheets indicating your academic performance in Class 11 or equivalent. Ensure that you also scan the complete document including the back side of documents if the grading scale or other information appears on another page or on the back side.
  1. Uploaded scanned copy of your citizenship if you have one (Nagarikta).If you are not a citizen of Nepal, then upload a document that explains your status in Nepal.


  • All dates on the application form must use the English calendar in the format month/day/year (MM/DD/YYYY). Do not use Nepali Bikram Sambat.
  • Ensure your uploaded scans of documents are in PDF format and that files are clear and readable. To convert your files to the required PDF format, you can use free online conversion tools such as
  • Do not upload additional documents. Only the documents specified above will be reviewed.

Questions 1 through 13 relate to your personal information and contact details

  1. Full name: Write your full name (family or surname, first or given name, and middle name if applicable).
  2. Permanent home address: Write your complete permanent/home address, including house number or exact location, street name, city, and district.
  3. Current address: where are you living now? Write your complete current address (even if it is the same as your permanent address), including house number or exact location, street name, city, and district.
  4. Who are you currently living with and for how long: State who you are living with currently and state the duration you have been living with this person.
  5. Telephone number: State a telephone number at which you can be contacted. It can be a mobile number or a land line number. If it is a Nepal number, please do not include country code 977.
  6. Email address: Write your email address.
  7. Gender: Indicate your gender.
  8. Marital status: Indicate your marital status.
    1. Date of birth: Write your date of birth according to the English calendar in the format Month/Day/Year.
    2. Age: State your age/how old you are.
  10. Country of citizenship: Write the name of your country of citizenship and select one of the options to indicate whether you already have obtained formal citizenship, i.e. a citizenship card, or whether you are in process (or have not yet applied) for citizenship. If you are not a Nepali citizen, you will be asked to answer Question 10b as well.
    Please Note: Students who do not possess a Nepali citizenship, but who were born in Nepal or have lived in Nepal for a considerable amount of time, and have appeared for the SLC in Nepal, are eligible to apply for the Opportunity Funds Program.
  11. Have you ever traveled outside of Nepal: Write the name of the country you traveled to (including India), date of travel, and reason for travel. Please also state who financed your travels.
  12. Have you ever applied for a U.S. visa: Please select one option. If you have applied for a U.S. visa previously, please state the date, type, and whether you were granted or denied the visa.
  13. Question 13 is only for students who currently live outside the Kathmandu Valley. State the information requested.

Questions 14-24 relate to your family information/background
Note: You do not have to complete question 15 if your father is deceased. Similarly you do not have to complete question 18 if your mother is deceased.
14. - 19. State your father's and mother's names, current locations, employment status, names of the organizations they are working for, education attained, and other details requested. If your parents are employed in any manner (even if they are self-employed, for example in the farming or agriculture profession), mark them as employed and fill the details accordingly.

  1. If your parents are deceased or estranged, state the name of your guardian and his or her relationship to you.
  2. List the name, age, and other information asked about each of your siblings (brothers and sisters). You must include data of ALL siblings, regardless of their marital status. Also state their occupation, e.g. government officer, student, etc.
  3. List the names of other people (not your siblings whom you mentioned in Question 22) who live with you. E.g. grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.

  4. a. Annual household income: State the total amount of income that your family generates in a year before tax. If your parents are deceased or estranged, please state the annual household income of your guardian instead.
    b. State the amount of income from your parents'/ guardians’ salaries or income from occupation, rental income, interest earned on savings, pension, or any other source of income. The total amount for this section must equal the amount you list in Question 23a.
  5. State whether your family owns a house. If yes, state the location of the house. If your family owns several houses, please list information for all.

Questions 25-33 relate to your educational background

  1. Please provide complete information about all the educational institutions (SLC/SEE and higher) that you have attended or are currently attending. List institutions in the following order: SLC/SEE, Plus Two/ A-Levels/ equivalent program, Bachelor’s, etc. Please click on the ‘Add Education Institute’ button to enter each institution's information separately. Use the check boxes to indicate if the institution is a government or private institution. If available, state your rank/position in class, e.g. if you were ranked 3rd out of 50 students, then write '3/50'. Also answer parts b. and c. of the question.
  2. If you have any gaps in your education, or are currently in a gap period, provide the requested information.
  3. State the monthly total published fees of the school or college you are currently attending or most recently attended. This is the amount a student would pay at the school or college if he or she is paying full fees. Next, state the amount that you (or your parents/ sponsors) pay in monthly fees to the school or college. This amount will vary from the amount stated in part a. if you received a scholarship or any fee reduction. Next, state who pays the amount listed in part. b and this person’s relationship to you. The final part of this question asks about who paid for your school fees from Classes 1-10. If many individuals were involved, make mention of all.
  4. Provide the requested information regarding any academic scholarships you have been awarded.
  5. Provided the requested information about expulsion from school/ college.
  6. List significant achievements/awards/ recognition that you received from Class 9 to Class 12 or equivalent. Only list significant achievements and awards.

31. - 34. Please state if you have given the TOEFL/IELTS or SAT Reasoning, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests. If you have given the any of the tests, state your test dates and scores. If you have registered for a test but have not yet taken it, provide only the test date.

  1. If you have already started identifying U.S. colleges/universities you would like to apply to, then please state the names of these colleges/universities.

Questions 36 and 37 are essays

36. & 37. You are asked to write two essay questions as part of the application for the Opportunity Funds Program. Both essays are an integral part of your application. Please put careful thought, time and effort into these essays. The essays must be original essays written by YOU. If your essays or parts of your essays are plagiarized, your application will be rejected. To learn about plagiarism, please see ‘Information on Plagiarism.’ Your essays must be within the stipulated word limits.


Disabilities, references, and additional information

  1. This question requests for disclosure of your disabilities. Applicants will not be discriminated on the basis of any disability. Stating your disability will assist USEF-Nepal make necessary accommodation for any special needs if necessary.
  2. State the name and contact information of two persons who can be contacted as your references. These references cannot be your family members.
  3. Mark the method by which you learned of the Opportunity Funds Program 2020.
  4. Mark the services you have used at USEF-Nepal as well as approximate date you first used the service.


Please read the certification statement, and if you agree by the terms of the certification, please type your name in the signature field and the date on which you are submitting the Application Form.


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