Fulbright Nepali Post-Doctoral Program Grantees 2018-2019

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This program sends senior Nepali scholars/artists to spend up to nine months in the U.S. either conducting post-doctoral research at an American university or other research institutions, or undertaking an artistic project at a U.S. university, museum or cultural institution.

Dr. Ajaya Bhattarai

Assistant Professor, Chemistry, M.M.A.M.C., Tribhuvan University, Biratnagar, Nepal
Project: Theoretical Studies on Glass-Forming Liquids” at Boston College

Dr. Ajaya Bhattarai is an assistant Professor of Chemistry of M.M.A.M.C., Tribhuvan University, Biratnagar, Nepal. He has received his M.Sc. degree in Physical Chemistry from Tribhuvan University in 1998 and Ph.D. degree in Polymer Chemistry from North Bengal University, India in 2010. He has been working in Tribhuvan University since 2002. Dr. Bhattarai has visited University of Warsaw, Poland for Post doctorate research in Nanomaterials as well as Surface Chemistry in 2013.

His current research interest is in theoretical work, particularly computer simulations. He will do post-doctoral research work in “Theoretical Studies on Glass-Forming Liquids” at Boston College. The research in US is important for him because of the availability of computer facilities and opportunity to meet the various scientists in the academic institutions in the Boston area who are working in the theoretical field.

Dr. Susmita Talukdar

Professor of English, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, and a Program Coordinator, M.A. English, Padmakanya Campus
Project: 'Diversity and Women, California State University, Fresno

Dr. Susmita Talukdar has been a teacher since 1993. Presently she is a Professor of English at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, and a Program Coordinator of M.A. in English at Padmakanya Campus, TU. She completed her Ph.D. from University of North Bengal with a grant from UGC, Nepal.

Her research interest focuses on broad issues connected with women, minorities, culture, and diversity, through an interactive and participatory pedagogical strategy of looking through literature into the immediate and beyond. For her forthcoming project on ''Diversity and Women'' she will go to California State University, Fresno, to explore how comparative literary analysis of women's narratives can initiate a cross-cultural dialogue through participatory lectures, and interaction between.

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