Opportunity Funds Grantees 2018


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Aakriti Adhikari

Hometown: Godawori
University: Soka University of America

Aakriti is part of  a family of five with an elder sister and a younger brother. She completed her schooling from St. Xavier's School, Godawori. She did her +2 from St. Xavier's School, Jawalakhel.

Having dreamed of continuing her higher education in the United States, she applied to the Opportunity Funds (OF) program 2018. The financial assistance and educational assistance provided by the OF program is the main reason she is able to pursue her dreams.

Aakriti plans on majoring in liberal arts and science with a concentration in international studies as she has a deep passion for participating and organizing Model United Nations (MUN) conferences.

Aakriti loves re-reading the Harry Potter series. She loves reading novels. Nicholas Sparks, J.K. Rowling, Robin Sharma are a few of her favorite writers.

Kritib Bhattarai

Hometown: Itahari

Kritib completed his high school from Trinity International College, Kathmandu. He is interested in studying computer science and economics. He loves coding and working with circuits.

Growing up outside the valley, he felt the lack of opportunities for high school students to work in technological sectors. “One day, I searched the whole city and still could not find 9v battery for my Bluetooth controlled car,” he once said.

In the future, he wishes to establish a workplace for technology enthusiasts and make necessary instruments easily available.

Keshav Jha

Hometown: Janakpur

University: University of Richmond

Sabina Khanal

Hometown: Lamjung
University: Texas Christian University

Sabina lost a year after her high school preparing for medical studies when she saw the announcement of the Opportunity Funds Program 2018. Although she thought she had no chance of getting in, she applied. Eventually, she made it!

She currently lives in Kirtipur, Kathmandu. She gave her SLC examination from Pushpasadan Boarding High School, Kirtipur, and studied science in her high school at Nepal Mega College, Babarmahal.

She loves to study subjects like physics, computer science (she plans to focus on this in college), math, and so on. She also likes to read novels.

Robert Koirala B.K.

Hometown: Jhapa
University: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Robert loves numbers and patterns. He is passionate to use them to explore more about the universe. He has conducted independent research about random walk.

Robert is excited to explore mathematics under the supervision of world-class professors, participating in research programs like UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program) and experiencing the American culture.

Robert’s hometown is Padajungi, Jhapa. He passed his School Leaving Certificate examination from Siddhartha Boarding Secondary School, Damak, Jhapa. In 2015, Robert joined Golden Gate International College, Battisputali, Kathmandu. There, he studied +2 science and graduated in 2017.

Amish Kushwaha

Hometown: Birgunj

Amish passed his SLC examination from Alpine Secondary School and CBSE from Delhi Public School in his hometown. He topped both examinations in his district.

His school director suggested he applied for the program. Once in, he got to know about the vibrant education system in the US.

He was unable to apply to the US this year but hopes to study B. Tech. in computer science in India. He  plans to go to the US for his Masters.

Malika Lawaju

Hometown: Bhaktapur
University: Fisk University

“Thinking globally, acting locally” excites Malika.

She completed her high school from Capital College and Research Center (CCRC) in the management stream. She is planning to study business administration in the US.

Her interest lies in establishing a small scale industry for producing local goods and promoting economic growth in Nepal.

Nirakar Sapkota

Hometown: Kathmandu

University: Princeton University

Yogesh Sapkota

Hometown: Chitwan

University: Youngstown State University

Larisa Shrestha

Hometown: Ramechhap
University: Harvard University

A spoken word poetry enthusiast and a self-proclaimed expert at escaping, Larisa has a name with Greek roots but nothing remotely Greek about herself.

Once tired of people misspelling and mispronouncing her name, she now happily embraces the different versions of a single name she gets to live. She loves walking because her legs do all the thinking for her.

A spoken word poet and instructor for the Word Warriors, a Kathmandu-based spoken word collective in Nepal, she loves the feeling of being on stage although her knees buckle with nervousness each time.

She is highly excited to start her new journey in the US.

Her special talents include spilling her coffee, tripping over her own legs, and running into bus-stop signs.

“She completed her +2 Science from here. She was a good student.” –Trinity International College

 “A compulsive procrastinator. A blob of laziness.” – Her mother

“A rude weirdo. Talks to herself when alone. Sings random songs while walking. A figure of humiliation.”  – Her sister

Uttam Shrestha

Hometown: Dhankuta

University: Stanford University

Praful Prasad Sigdel

Hometown: Itahari
University: Fisk University

Praful comes from the southern low-lands (terai region) of Nepal. He has completed his SLC from Kuleshwor Awash Secondary School, Kuleshwor and +2 sciences from Capital College and Research Center (CCRC), Kathmandu.

He is passionate to study engines and structures of flying objects (rockets, airplanes, helicopters, and more) and aims to be a mechanical engineer. 

His interest lies in building prototype robots, and working on arduino-based electronics projects. Once in the US, he hopes to join the Fisk University Altitude Achievement Missile Team (F.A.A.M.T.) , which works to build a rocket and compete in the NASA sponsored University Student Launch Initiative (USLI).

Being a music enthusiast, he finds Nashville a perfect place to study and live.

Sagar Subedi

Hometown: Chitwan

University: Walsh University

Bijesh Thapa

Hometown: Kathmandu
University: Soka University of America

Bijesh loves playing soccer. He plays for hours with his ten-year-old sister. He also enjoys playing cricket, sprinting, and playing snooker. More regularly, he hits the gym and reads non-fiction. He has recently discovered his love for travelling.

Bijesh did his schooling at Pinnacle Scholar’s Academy located at Kalanki, Kathmandu and +2 from St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar.

Interested in social sciences, he looks forward to exploring the field in the US.

Coming from a disadvantaged background, he credits the Opportunity Funds program to be a life-changing opportunity, and thanks the OF advisers, along with fellow participants, for having a profound influence on him.

Subina Thapaliya

Hometown: Chitwan
University: Soka University of America

Subina is from a small and beautiful village, Piple, located in eastern Chitwan. She completed her SLC in her own village from Iris English Academy, school. Then, she studied +2 (science) in New Capital Secondary School, Tandi, Chitwan.

With a dream of pursuing abroad study, applied to the OF program.

For a better understanding of the global society, she wants to concentrate her study in the international studies with bachelor degree in liberal arts and science. She is excited to meet wonderful young minds from around the globe in a diverse multicultural environment.

Tarun Timalsina

Hometown: Pokhara
University: Harvard University

Tarun completed his SLC and +2 science from Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara. After graduating from high school, he took a gap year to explore his interests and better understand his community.

He loves playing cricket and stargazing and cucumbers. He is also an avid reader of non-fiction books and enjoys debating geopolitical issues.

A physics and astronomy enthusiast in high school, he is looking forward to exploring the social sciences and humanities in the US.

He says he hasn't thought too far into the future yet and has no fanciful ambitions.

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