Opportunity Funds Grantees 2019

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Bikram Bhandari

Hometown: Ghorahi, Dang

SLC: Janajyoti Vidyamandir, Ghorahi

Plus Two: St. Xavier's College, Maitighar, Kathmandu

Though Bikram’s parents wanted him to join Nepal’s Institute of Engineering in 2018, he had other plans. After being selected for the OF program, he convinced his parents that he would take a gap year and apply to the United States to explore his interests and major in Mathematics and Economics. Global education, many opportunities, and learning from world renowned professors inspire him to go to the US. He thanks USEF-Nepal for the financial assistance and especially the motivation and hope that this program gave him.

Aarohee Bhattarai

Hometown: Kathmandu

SLC: The Skylark English School

Plus Two: Southwestern State College, Kathmandu

For Aarohee, OF was a goal she aspired toward since her initial years in high school. She is extremely happy to have met this diverse circle of friends. Exploring is something she is most passionate about, be it the adventurous pathways or her ambition. She wants to graduate as a person who has the caliber and strength to start social projects. Aarohee wants to major in International Studies or Economics.

Laxman Bist

Hometown: Madhuwan, Bardiya

SLC: Araniko English Medium School, Madhuwan, Bardiya

Plus Two: Capital College and Research Centre (CCRC), Balkumari, Kathmandu

After passing SLC, Laxman came to Kathmandu to pursue his higher education.  The lack of effective experimental courses in his high school years motivated him to look for an inclusive educational career where he could hone his understanding of nature through theoretically and experimentally balanced teaching. The OF program is helping him reach closer to this dream.

Laxman was selected as one of the top five delegates to the International Physics Olympiad 2018. He has also published an independent research article about relativity.

In his free time, he loves to write poetry, draw and paint, and solve puzzles.

In the future, he wants to study physics and contribute in the development of experimental physics in Nepal.

Rahul Ratna Das

Hometown: Biratnagar

SLC: Koshi Vidya Mandir

A-Levels: Bridgewater International Academy/ Orient College of Science & Management, Kathmandu

Rahul loves the use of binary numbers in almost all of the electronic devices, and notes that no matter what, it comes down to 0s and 1s. He loves establishing relationships among things, such as predicting the outcomes of a task using resonating curves and using Hess' Law to balance input and output of a task. He believes that knowledge is everywhere, and answers to the toughest questions are often hidden in the simplest of things.

Kushal Gautam

Hometown: Pokhara

SLC: Motherland Secondary School, Gandaki

Plus Two: SOS Hermann Gmeiner Secondary School, Gandaki

Kushal is the only student in OF19 to have completed his Plus Two level education outside of Kathmandu Valley. He wants to travel, explore, and live life to its fullest. Kushal works as a MOOC mentor in Nepal, helping young learners to experience a virtual-university-level education. Though undecided on major, he wants to continue making efforts to foster young, digital, and academic stars in the country.

Prabin Khadka

Hometown: Lalitpur

SLC: Vidyapunja English Secondary School

Plus Two: Caspian Valley Secondary School, Kathmandu

Having thought since childhood of full scholarship to pursue further education, Prabin viewed Nepal’s Institute of Engineering entrance exam as his only option. Selection in the Opportunity Funds Program 2019, however, broadened his vision towards the world class education in the United States. Now, he is interested in pursuing STEM degrees at a U.S. institution. He looks forward to contributing towards conservation of environment and sustainable development in Nepal.

Sagun Pandit

Hometown : Belchautara, Tanahun

SLC: Shree Panchamuni Dev Ucchha Madhyamik Vidhyalaya

Plus Two: St. Xavier's College, Kathmandu

Sagun was born in Tanahun. He came to Kathmandu for high school when he won a scholarship as the first prize of a quiz competition and became involved with the math club and community service. He was the treasurer for his club and helped to organize math competitions in his school. He also volunteered to teach young, disadvantaged students in Kathmandu valley.

Growing up in hardship, Sagun wants to study Economics to understand the causes of poverty in Nepal. He also wants to learn about Computer Science because of his love of mathematics. He plans to use his knowledge in finance and technology to bring economic reforms to Nepal and start initiatives to educate the Nepalese population about the importance of saving and making investments. He looks forward to working in Nepal’s finance sector.

Bibek Panthi

Hometown: Bhanbhane, Gulmi

SLC: New Horizon English Boarding Higher Secondary school.

Plus Two: St. Xavier's College, Maitighar, Kathmandu

Numbers and geometric figures amaze Bibek. His passion took him to the International Mathematics Olympiad, in which he represented Nepal for two consecutive years. By pursuing mathematics as a career, he wants to improve the conventional mathematics practiced in Nepal.

Susmita Poudel

Hometown: Dhankuta

SLC: Deep English Secondary Boarding School

A-Levels: Orient College of Science and Management, Kathmandu

Susmita came to the capital from a small town in Eastern Nepal to complete her high school. While growing up in Dhankuta, she always felt the lack of opportunities. In the capital, she came across the biggest opportunity in her life-- The Opportunity Funds Program 2019, which is helping her to fulfill her dream of studying in the U.S.

She plans to study Neuroscience and Economics at the undergraduate level. With the knowledge and experiences she will gain, Susmita wants to work for the improvement of education in Nepal.

Chandani Rana

Hometown: Gulmi

SLC: Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute

Plus Two: Trinity International College, Kathmandu

Chandani always thought education in the US was for the people who could pay large sums of money, until she learned about USEF Nepal. On further research and a visit to USEF, she discovered the OF program for students from disadvantaged background who want to study in the US. She applied for the program and her life changed.

Chandani wants to construct a more sustainable world. She is planning to major in Civil and Environmental Engineering. In high school, she participated in several science exhibitions. One of her notable projects is Green Electricity: Electricity from Plants. She envisions being part of research work at college in the US.

Ang Sonam Sherpa

Sangam Tole, Jorpati

SLC : Shree Gokarneshwor Mahadev Awasiya Secondary School

A-Levels: Saipal Academy, Kathmandu

Ang is always open for debate, discussion and change. Public speaking in a local youth oriented club called Smart Club and debating under the guidance of Debate Network Nepal have changed his perception of life.

Having completed his A-levels from Saipal Academy, he wants to study Economics, Philosophy, and Political Science. With a US education, he wants to return to Nepal and join a think tank to contribute to the country’s intellectual growth. He also wants to be an economic analyst working for the government or any other independent organization. He also wants to become a professor one day.

He likes to play Table Tennis, Sudoku, and have discussions over a cup of tea.

Aashish Sunar

Hometown: Butwal, Rupandehi

SLC: Butwal Glory Boarding English School, Butwal, Rupandehi

Plus Two: St. Xavier's College, Kathmandu

Aashish recently volunteered in a program called PiE (Partnership in Education), teaching poor students. He hopes to study International Relations so that he can make a difference in the lives of poor people all over the world.

Pratima Thami

Hometown: Sunkhani, Dolakha

SLC: Lyceum Paradise Academy

Plus Two: New Summit Higher Secondary School, Kathmandu

Pratima loves to travel and dance. She likes to spend time with children and animals. Visiting new places and hearing stories of people is something she is passionate about. She always says ‘yes’ to try out new adventures.

Pratima wants to go to a liberal arts college and take classes in mathematics, psychology, and film studies.

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