Adviser Astha Chand participates in EducationUSA’s Level 2 training

Adviser Astha Chand participates in EducationUSA’s Level 2 training

In early 2021, EducationUSA Adviser, Astha Chand, was selected to participate in the Adviser Training Institute Level 2.  Participants are nominated by their REACs, selected by the EducationUSA staff in Washington and approved by their supervisors to attend this training. This training happened virtually in two parts: June 8 – July 2, 2021, and October 11 – November 5, 2021.

EducationUSA Adviser Training Institutes (ATIs) are intensive training and professional development programs designed to provide EducationUSA advisers with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their effectiveness and to build professional competency. Institutes are offered at three different levels of competency, targeting advisers at various stages of their professional development.

Level 2 ATIs are normally two weeks long and include a Washington, DC-based workshop, sessions at the U.S. Department of State, and an on-campus training program with site visits to public and private higher education institutions. 

However, due to the global pandemic, travel restrictions and adviser safety, EducationUSA hosted a virtual model for the ATI Level 2. The first portion of the training was held virtually from June 8 – July 2, 2021, and the on-campus training program was held virtually from October 11 – November 5, 2021. 

At the end of the training program, Adviser Astha Chand received accolades from the training team for her outgoing nature and for her excellent participation during the ATI.

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