Services for U.S. Colleges and Universities

The United States Educational Foundation in Nepal (USEF-Nepal) houses Nepal’s only ‘EducationUSA’ advising center, part of a global network of 400+ advising centers supported by the U.S. Department of State in 170 countries. We are delighted to be your point of contact and source of information in Nepal!

USEF-Nepal offers U.S. colleges and universities a variety of services. Please do not hesitate to be in touch if there’s any other information or assistance we can provide.

U.S. Higher Education Information Session

The next time your travels bring you through South Asia, please consider stopping over in Nepal! USEF-Nepal will be delighted to arrange a U.S. higher education information session during your visit, gathering groups of 20-80 pre-registered students who want to learn about topics related to U.S. higher education with examples from your institution. Our auditorium and multimedia facilities are available for your use. We can also put you in touch with school administrators to arrange for school visits during your stay in Nepal as well as suggest hotels if necessary. Please be in touch by email at least four weeks before your planned visit and we will send you information and guidelines for the information sessions.

EducationUSA South Asia Tour

This regional tour for U.S. colleges and universities is offered in Spring and Fall each year. The Tour brings HEIs to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka and is hosted by the EducationUSA Advising Centers in these countries. In Nepal, the Tour offers the opportunity to meet over a thousand students in university fairs and school visits. Please see for upcoming Tour events.

Transcript Attestation

In Nepal, most students receive only a single original (“official”) copy of transcripts and certificates. When applying to U.S. colleges, students send attested photocopies in place of official transcripts. Unfortunately, fake transcripts are on the rise in Nepal. Please encourage Nepali students applying to your college to send you copies of their original documents attested either by USEF-Nepal or the issuing university or examination board. USEF-Nepal attests hundreds of documents daily, scrutinizing each one before attesting copies, and verifying results with issuing boards when necessary. USEF-Nepal’s attestation services have been available to Nepali students for over thirty years. Many U.S. universities are already insisting on USEF-Nepal attested copies of academic documents.

Informational/ Promotional Materials Display

USEF-Nepal’s library averages 200-300 visitors daily, rendering it one of the busiest advising centers in the region. The library houses college guidebooks, test preparation materials, and college catalogs. It also has a display of college pennants. To make more information available about your college, please update our library with your college catalog and pennant. You may also feel free to send us application forms and brochures for free distribution to interested students. USEF-Nepal also posts scholarship announcements for international students; please forward yours in print or electronic form.

Information To Students Via Facebook

USEF-Nepal disseminates information to students via its Facebook page, which currently has over 100,000 subscribers. Does your college have a new scholarship announcement for international students and wish to spread the word around the world? One of the most effective ways to do this is by submitting the announcement on the HEI section of the website. Advising Centers around the world receive a Social Media Digest from which we pull content for our social media pages. 

Alumni Engagement

Your institution’s current students and alums are welcome to be guest speakers at our programs such as Pre-Departure Orientations and our ‘Get Inspired’ talk program series.

News and Announcements