Fulbright Forum

Promoting Effective Teaching Techniques and Active Learning Environment: Impacts on Faculty Development and Students’ Success in Nepalese Engineering Education

The Fulbright Commission and Fulbright Alumni Association of Nepal (FAAN) are delighted to host an in-person Fulbright Forum on Wednesday, November 16 at 2:30 PM at the Fulbright Commission, Aakriti Marg, Maharajgunj

As a Fulbright Teaching/Research Scholar for the last five months, Dr. Yogendra Panta, a Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at WVU Tech, has worked at the Tribhuvan University- Institute of Engineering’s Campuses to explore and exchange methodologies for teaching, mentoring and research in engineering.

The collaboration was mainly concentrated on capacity development in teaching and research, with a focus on implementation of effective teaching techniques and tools and their impacts on the teaching and learning process. Dr. Panta has worked with faculty cohorts and hosted workshops to share teaching techniques, best practices and innovation in engineering education. In these five months, Dr. Panta gave numerous presentations and ran workshops on effective teaching practices and research methodology to Neplease engineering educators at campuses in and out of the Kathmandu Valley in order to provide greater accessibility to university professors thus broadening the impact of his project. In addition to presentations and workshops, Dr. Panta was involved in faculty mentoring, students’ thesis defense, co-advising research projects/thesis works and quality education forums.  

In this presentation, Dr. Panta will share his project experiences, challenges, and opportunities in Nepalese Engineering Education. With this Fulbright experience, Dr. Panta hopes to return to Nepal soon in order to contribute to the engineering program accreditation process and to collaborate in policy making for quality education in Nepal.

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