9. Uploading documents

List of documents required for upload-

Please upload these in Academic History section

  1. Certificates & Transcripts: Complete academic documents covering your entire period of study at universities or other postsecondary institutions, including advanced degrees. Official evidence of each post-secondary or university degree, diploma, or certificate awarded to you.

    Attested copies of diplomas/certificates should be uploaded in chronological order; the oldest at the top and the most recent at the bottom; starting from SLC or equivalent degree). Certificates in languages other than English must be accompanied by complete English translations

Please upload these as Supplemental Materials in Additional Information section of the application online

  1. Citizenship: No need for translation to English
  2. Resume: Please use Sample Resume format
  3. TOEFL score report: Only if you already have a valid TOEFL score less than two years old as of the deadline of July 15, 2020

To be considered official, each document must bear the seal of the issuing institution as well as the signature of its officials. Only scanned copies of original documents should be uploaded. Screenshots of online academic portals will not be accepted. All documents uploaded should be submitted in PDF format. Attestation may be done by: the academic records department that issued the original document; USEF-Nepal; the U.S. Embassy’s Consular Office; the Government of Nepal and diplomatic missions of countries where the candidate studied.

Make sure that the document that you submit clearly shows your name, the name of the institution, and appears as an academic record that is organized chronologically–with course dates, titles, credits and grades.