About the Program

The Specialist Program supports Nepali institutions through grants to bring US Specialists in selected disciplines to Nepal for two to six weeks.

The Specialist Program encourages host institutions to tailor projects to their own needs. However, all projects should have an education or training focus. Due to the short-term nature of the exchange, projects should have concrete objectives that can be achieved over the course of the Specialist’s visit.  The ideal project, however, will foster long-term collaboration.  Past Specialists have supported host institutions by conducting activities such as trainings and professional development, short-term lecturing, seminars, special conferences or workshops, teacher training, collaborating on curriculum planning, institutional and/or faculty development. Institutions that may be eligible to request a Fulbright Specialist include, but are not limited to:

• Institutions of Higher Education

• Government Institutions (ministries or agencies, courts, parliamentary or congressional bodies)

• Cultural Institutions (conservatories, museums, etc.)

• Non-Governmental Organizations including issue-centered institutions and think tanks, and

• Medical Institutions (public health organizations, teaching hospitals, etc.)

Projects should focus on one of the following disciplines:

AgricultureEngineering Education 
American StudiesEnvironmental Science
ArcheologyLibrary Science
Biology EducationMath
Business AdministrationEducation Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies 
Chemistry EducationPhysics Education 
Communications and JournalismPolitical Science 
Computer Science and Information TechnologyPublic Administration 
EconomicsSocial Work 
Urban Planning

Specialist Program Impacts

The following pages house a wide variety of examples of previous projects and details on how institutions can benefit from hosting a Specialist.

The Making an Impact page hosts alumni profiles and other articles produced by World Learning: https://fulbrightspecialist.worldlearning.org/making-an-impact

This page highlight Specialists as well as alumni achievements: https://fulbrightspecialist.worldlearning.org/specialists-in-the-news


1. When can I apply for this program?

This program competition opens

2. I am a Nepali citizen, can I come to Nepal as a Fulbright Specialist?

No. Only American citizens can come to Nepal as Fulbright Specialists.

3. We want to host a Fulbright Specialist. Can the Commission help us search for an expert in the US?

No.  The host needs to identify a candidate in the US on its own through direct communication, or through its own network.

4. As a host institution, we are unable to cost-share local travel, food and lodging costs for the Fulbright Specialist. Can the Commission provide support for these costs?

No.  The Nepali host institution needs to cover the costs associated with the Fulbright Specialist’s local travel, food, and lodgings during the grant period.

5. I am an American citizen, and want to come to Nepal as a Fulbright Specialist. Can the Commission ask a Nepali host institution to submit a request on my behalf?

As the program is host-need driven, the Nepali host institution needs to initiate the process; not the other way round.

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