Elizabeth Long

Appleton, Wisconsin B.A., Political Science and Women’s Studies, Gustavus Adolphus College

Liza studied Political Science and Women’s Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College with a focus on women in politics and grassroots

activism. In college, she led the Feminist Action Group and organized a student-run conference about the necessity of activism to bring about political change. She spent her last semester in school interning at a policy organization in Washington, DC, which worked to bring women policymakers together across partisan lines.

Liza studied sustainable development and human rights abroad in Bangalore, India, which sparked her interest in teaching in Nepal. Before coming to Nepal, Liza worked as a field organizer in Wisconsin, organizing rural counties for the 2018 midterms. She is passionate about increasing civic engagement among minority groups and women.

Liza is excited to introduce new teaching methods to Nepali classrooms and help students learn to think critically. She feels passionately about learning Nepali to interact with her host community and learning more about rural life in Nepal. In the future, she wants to attend law school and practice civil rights and immigration law.

Sachi Watase

Albuquerque, New Mexico. B.A., Pitzer College

At Pitzer College in California, Sachiwas involved in establishing and running Pitzer Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault, Mixed Identity Exchange affinity group, and the collegiate roller derby team. Sachi also spent one semester in Nepal on a cultural immersion program. Her upbringing and life experiences have contributed to her passion for cross-cultural exchange and language learning, and led her to spend this past year teaching English at Tra Vinh University in southern Vietnam. She is excited to return to Nepal to continue to practice these skills!

When she returns to the United States, Sachi hopes to get her masters in multi-subject education.

Taylor Smith

Rochester, New York B.A., Education and Human Development, University of Colorado in Denver

Taylor obtained a B.A. in Education and Human Development, with an emphasis on Special Education and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education. She spent 3 years student teaching in bilingual classrooms across the Denver area, where she developed her passion for working in multi-cultural school districts. She also helped with the development of an English education program in West Papua, which focused on creating opportunities for sustainable English education in rural areas.

Taylor is eager to continue researching methods of sustainable development within education, while also immersing herself in cross-cultural exchange during her time in Nepal.

When she returns to the United States, Taylor hopes to pursue her Master’s degree in Race & Social Inequality in Urban Education.

Hannah Rodgers

B.A., Biology and neuroscience Oberlin College

Hannah Rodgers graduated from Oberlin College in 2018, and then spent a year in Nepal with Fulbright as an English teacher in a village in the Sindhupalchok district. In Nepal, she got to spend a lot of time farming, cooking, and caring for livestock with my homestay family. After coming back to the US, she started graduate school at the University of Wyoming studying soil science & sustainable agriculture. She looks at soil health and soil microbiology in farms with different management systems, to work towards developing systems that can build soil heath and be sustainable in the long-term. Her experiences in Nepal shaped how she thinks about farming & community, and she tries to incorporate those ideas into her work in the US. She hope to make it back to Nepal sometime soon! 

Julia Conley

New Canaan, CT B.A., Math and Sociology, Bowdoin College

Julia has enjoyed working with students in many capacities: teaching fractions to elementary students, leadership skills to high school students, and conflict management to college students. She studied in Nepal for one semester with SIT, and is now looking forward to reuniting with her Nepali friends and developing ESL teaching skills.

Anna Cadwell

Washington, D.C. B.A., anthropology, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In the Fall of 2016, Anna studied abroad in Nepal with the School for International Training. With a specific interest in animal welfare and ecological anthropology, she conducted a month-long independent study on the relationship between humans and canines in Dharamsala, India. Her other interests include hiking, camping, cooking, running, volunteering at the animal shelter and creating art. In Nepal, she is eager to teach, learn, and give back to a region that has taught her so much.