Sona Thadarai

International Relations Columbia University

As a career diplomat in Nepal’s Foreign Service since 2011, I have served at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal and overseas Nepali missions including Seoul and Doha. I hold a Master’s in Political Science and Bachelor’s in Business Studies. The key areas of my interests comprise international relations, diplomacy, migration, global development, and international politics. Studying Masters in International Affairs at Columbia University under Fulbright Scholarship, I wish to hone my knowledge and analytical skills to contribute to providing policy inputs for national and international affairs. In particular, I aim to build a system in Nepal’s Foreign Service for addressing gender-specific issues which often go unheard and unaddressed. I believe women empowerment and inclusion are indispensable to advancing a just society.” 

Apurba KC

Law University of Texas, Austin

I am a lawyer with an interest in bridging the service delivery gap between grassroots and government. I graduated from National Law College, Tribhuvan University with a Bachelors in Arts and Law (B.A.LL.B.).  Currently, I support Nepali migrant workers access legal remedies in Nepal and destination countries through People Forum for Human Right’s free legal aid and advocacy interventions. My work at YUWA, Nepal Leadership Academy and the Daayitwa Campaign over the past 5 years have led me to build interdisciplinary experiences in youth engagement, capacity development, and policy advocacy. Building off of this foundation, I aim to pursue an LL.M. in U.S. Law and invest learnings towards strengthening effective decentralization of formal and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in Nepal. 

Aasma Dahal

Biomedical Engineering Florida International University

I am a Biomedical Engineering graduate and have been working as the Head of Biomedical Engineering Department at Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar, Nepal since 2018. I worked with the Radiologists of Rajarajeshwari Medical College, India and my professors to learn more about the X-ray images of kidney stones.  And the paper based on this research was awarded the best paper award in a National Conference held at ACS College of Engineering, India in 2016. My focus area is Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering and aim to work on the heart valve replacement, prevention and treatment of heart diseases in Nepal. My ultimate aim is to utilize the knowledge and training, which I receive through my Master’s degree, in the biomedical industry where I will look to hone and perfect my practical skills. I hope, in the future, to create an effectual technology which will add value to human life and probably help to make life easier. My main aim is to establish a Cardio Research and Development Center in Nepal to identify alternatives that can treat the patient with price lesser than being charged today.  

Ms. Priyasha Maharjan

Public Health University of Washington, School of Public Health

I am the Co-founder & Director of Samartha Nepal, a not-for-profit working towards strengthening Nepalese communities through health and education initiatives. I have been leading a public health program called Janata Clinic, under Samartha Nepal, where various public health campaigns, intervention activities and workshops are developed and conducted. I graduated in Pharmacy from Kathmandu University and want to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health. My interest areas include social justice, behavioral health and community-oriented public health practice. I believe, working consistently in small communities to encourage health promoting behaviors through preventive interventions, and simultaneously addressing the social inequities and other factors at play is the only way to bring about a lasting change in the health sector of Nepal. With a Master’s degree in Public Health I seek to develop community-specific, and need based interventions to enhance health status of different economic groups in the country.