Dr. Barbara J. Engebretsen

Professor Department of Health, Human Performance and Sport, School of Natural and Social Sciences, Wayne State College,  Wayne, Nebraska

Teaching/Research Grant, 5 months (Physiology)

Project: “The HEARTS Initiative: Engaging Student Health Clubs to Address Hypertension in Ethiopia, Nepal and Nebraska.”
Host: Children’s Hospital for Eyes, Ears and Rehabilitation Services (CHEERS) in Bhaktapur.

Engebretsen has a BA in Liberal Studies from the University of California, Riverside, a PhD in Physiology from Colorado State University, and is a teaching physiologist at Wayne State College in Nebraska. Past-President of the Nebraska Physiological Society, she received the WSC Teaching Excellence Award in 2015. Born of a growing interest in health disparities and the paradoxical prevalence of non-communicable diseases in developing countries, she first traveled to Ethiopia and Nepal in 2015. This three-country collaboration seeks to bridge the combined cultural, social, and biological wisdom of colleagues in each country, to understand and address the problem of increasing rates of hypertension and NCDs at its root. Engaging capable secondary school students with multiple partners, we aim to educate, equip and empower students and communities to increase understanding of the prevalence, consequences, pathophysiology and risk factors of hypertension and non-communicable diseases. Together, we hope to promote grass roots healthy behaviors, and generate a sustainable global pro-health movement.

If interested, the development and progress of this project beginning in 2015 has been blogged on the Facebook Page: Wayne State College in Ethiopia and Nepal: https://www.facebook.com/WayneStateCollegeISL/