Lance G. Rake

The University of Kansas

Lance Rake is Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Kansas. He was in Nepal on a Global Fulbright in 2019-2020 to develop a bamboo cargo bike to address problems of pollution and congestion in the streets of Kathmandu.  Lance has also taught full-time at Auburn University and Carrington Tech in Auckland, New Zealand. Additionally, he has been a visiting professor at Staffordshire University in England, RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, at Kathmandu University in Nepal, Halmstad University in Sweden, and the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay in Mumbai, India. Before becoming a Fulbright Global Scholar in 2019, he was previously honoured as a Fulbright Senior Scholar in 2015. 

Recently, his research efforts have been focused toward using design to create sustainable craft-based enterprises in rural communities in the US, South Africa, Nepal, and India.