Dil Budhathoki

Tripadma Vidyasharam Secondry School, Lalitpur

I have worked as teacher, coordinator, administrator and director in various institutions.  At present, I have been working as +2 Coordinator and Head of English Department chief in Tripadma Vidyasharam Secondry School located in the heart of Lalitpur Metropolitan city. Through FTEA program, I will get global experience to expose and to receive teaching learning activities. This program will benefit with teaching strategies in my classroom and also enhance educational practices, bring global knowledge, skills and perspectives. On the other hand, I also desire to expose myself to the global community and share my experiences. My main interest to join the program is to get acquainted with native speakers and native language real environment. I want to participate in this program in order to witness the US society education system. I’m really excited to observe classes, co-teach and share experiences with US colleagues. It will be a novel experience to participate in undergraduate and graduate-level classes at US universities to collaborate and share best practices that I can apply in my schools and community. Thus, I can contribute my teaching with examples. Moreover, as an English Department head in my present school, it would be the best opportunity to guide my language teachers after this program.