Roma Shrestha

New Tulips School, Koteshwor Kathmandu

I am Roma Shrestha, English language teacher and vice principal at New Tulips School, Koteshwor Kathmandu. I have been teaching English for eighteen years to the financially backward children. Teaching English as a second language to the children of manual workers is a great challenge on the one hand and opportunity on the other. To overcome the challenges I face during this period, I always seek for the new and interesting ways to teach them. To be chosen as a Fulbrighter to explore unlimited methodologies, skills, latest technologies I take myself to be the fortunate one. My children at school, at home and community will definitely be benefited by the knowledge, experience and  expertise that I can learn in my host university.

Bibas Thapa

Kathmandu University

Mr. Bibas Thapa is a secondary-level English and social studies teacher. He has more than a decade of experience teaching at a high school. He is associated with Nepal English Language Teachers Association’s Makawnpur Information and Communication Cell Coordinator, Makwanpur Scrabble Club Coordinator. He is an English language MPhil Scholar at Kathmandu University He is an expert and trainer for Microsoft Innovative Educator from 2019 onwards. He has completed TESOL Advanced Practioner from TESOL International Association and working as Moocer. He is an ambassador of dozens of digital instruments such as Near pod, Seesaw, Class dojo, Wakelet, Ed puzzle, flip grid, etc. He has presented papers and conducted workshops as a key speaker on the use of digital tools, and academic writing, in national and international webinars.