Madhusudan Ghimire

Missouri State University Psychology

I am a recent college student with major in Psychology.

Interested in Media, literature, digital accessibility and Mental health.

I completed the 6th months of counseling training from the School of Psychology Nepal.

I speak less and enjoy listening to others. I do creative writing and podcasting.

I am involved in social volunteering activities in various organization and I was awarded with the title of “First blind youtuber of Nepal” from Blind rocks.

Hitendra Jha

West Virginia University Forestry

My name is Hitendra Jha. I am a Maithil. I am a student doing my graduation in B.Sc. Forestry and I have huge interest in the wildlife. I wish to submit my graduation paper on fishing cats.

I am also learning photography on my own and I have a good collection of about 35-40 birds species that I have identified in Lokanthali and Banauli.

I believe in co-existence with wildlife as there is so much more that life has to offer if we live in harmony. There are incredible stories about wildlife in my culture which I would love to share.