Bishwas Thapa

Chhatradev 6, Arghakhanchi Malika English Boarding School, Chhatradev 6, Arghakhanchi Loyalty Academy, Ekatabasti Mandhikatar, Kathmandu

Bishwas is exceptionally enthusiastic about computers and technology and wants to pursue CS as a major for his undergrads. He sees problems as opportunities to create solutions. With a strong interest in entrepreneurship, he aspires to be a Tech Entrepreneur, bringing technological innovations into people’s daily lives. He believes investing in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship is the most effective way for developing countries to become financially strong. He adores the way the Internet and technology are enhancing the beauty of the world and wishes to add more colors to it.

Santosh Pant

Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur Nav Prativa Public School, Aithpur Kanchanpur Radiant Secondary School, Mahendranagar Kanchanpur

Santosh is an inquisitive person and always looks forward to learning new technologies. He is interested in computer science, physics, astronomy, and business. Besides studies, he loves watching Sci-Fi movies, playing cricket, table tennis, and watching web series. He plans to major in Computer Science in the US.

Aarju Poudel

Bharatpur, Chitwan SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Bharatpur, Chitwan

Curiosity drives Aarju. As an avid reader and an artist, she attempts to find an expression for her experiences. As a biology enthusiast, she experiences the world and attempts to analyze it logically. She believes that seeking a beautiful balance between these fields is the goal of her life and is aiming to pursue a major and minor in biology and literature respectively from US universities.

Aarju finds comfort in novels, plants, poems, sitcoms and music. Understanding the importance of connecting with society, she is actively involved in organizations and is keen to use her voice to empower youths.

Shishir Poudel

Syangja Shree Amar Singh Model Secondary School, Pokhara

Shishir is a programming enthusiast and a curious learner who is always up for tech talks and entrepreneurial ideas.

After completing high school, he decided to take a gap year to explore more about his life, foreign cultures, Nepalese society, and blockchain technologies. He loves to interact with people from diverse cultures and aspires to connect people’s lives with technology.

He is the kind of person who will venture out on unplanned trips, surprise you with his cooking skills and share you stories from philosophical fiction which you might have never heard before.

“(Giggling) my dreams. (After taking a deep breath) I am going to achieve my dreams one day.” – Shishir

Pritesh Thakur

Butwal, Rupandehi Dawn Children's English High School, Nayamill, Rupandehi St. Xavier's College, Maitighar, Kathmandu

Pritesh is an introverted boy, passionate about astronomy and astrophysics. Admiring the stars, he loves to spend his time chilling with musical vibes with a book by his side. And a little refreshment enters with a classic movie (only his best friend’s suggestions). He has realized that transformation comes from ideating the power of one’s thoughts and firmly believes that the authenticity of making an impact lies solely in seeking the possibilities and giving your best. Pritesh enjoys solitary time with himself and dwelling in nature. He is planning to major in physics at a US university.

Rodin Bantawa

Udaypur Paragon Public School, Kathmandu St. Xavier's College, Kathmandu

Rodin might sound like a person of contradictions. She is sweet and bold at the same time. She is an introvert yet if you ever see her debating, you won’t believe that. Despite debating in points and precision, she loves hearing and sharing stories because she believes that multiple stories need to always be heard. She plans to continue her further studies in psychology and data science. Though her personality sounds contradicting, she believes in learning overlapping principles and says her personality is all part of the intersection.

Aabiskar Barakoti

Bharatpur, Chitwan Little Flower School, Bharatpur, Chitwan

Aabiskar has a very curious mind, always wondering about the space and universe and aspires to unravel the mysteries. He is always ready for philosophical and meaningful life talks and dedicates his life towards helping others in any he can.He loves singing and playing guitar. You can always find him with earphones plugged in his ears as he finds his peace in music.

Ranjan Shankar

Terhathum Shangri-La Public School, Gokarneshwor, Kathmandu Kathmandu Model Secondary School, Lalitpur

Ranjan is a curious mind who is interested in Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics. He was also a Karate player. Currently, he is working as a Board member of Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal and a co-facilitator at US Embassy’s Book Bus program. Being a science enthusiast, he wants to pursue his career in physics and astronomy.

Maneeta Bhandari

Damak, Jhapa Bigyan English Boarding School, Kathmandu Xavier International College, Kathmandu

Maneeta is an inherently curious individual who is open to learning in all forms. She loves sitcoms, psychological thrillers, alternative/indie music, and existential comedy.
She has a multitude of interests ranging from literature to cinematography, but sees herself thriving in the STEMs. Hence, she intends to get a Bachelor’s degree in either Physics or Engineering.
She believes that the highest virtue one can have is honesty and tries to live her life by it.

Pratham Pathak

Manigram, Rupandehi Shree Shanti Namuna Secondary School, Manigram, Rupandehi Shree Shanti Namuna Secondary School, Manigram, Rupandehi

Pratham is someone who is really passionate about Computer Science. The moment he first saw the computer was the beginning step toward his curiosity about the working mechanism of the technology. Because of the interest built up by his curiosity, he utilized his lockdown period to learn more about computers and built his own website. While learning through online platforms, he was amazed by the teaching methods in the US and now wants to pursue his dream of studying Computer science at the US University. Besides computers, he loves watching anime, traveling, and learning about new cultures. He aspires to be a role model for future generations by using knowledge and experiences gained from his US education for the development of the country.

Suhani Luitel

Inaruwa-1, Sunsari V.S. Niketan Secondary School, Minbhawan, Kathmandu St. Xavier's College, Maitighar

Suhani is passionate about literature, math, and social sciences. She finds reading and writing extremely therapeutic; words are her sacred haven. She revels in the silent echoes of her thoughts as much as she enjoys meaningful conversations with people. She aspires to explore the world and experience everything life has to offer. She hopes to pursue her undergrad at the intersection of social and technical sciences.

Kailash Pariyar

Rainas -6 Lamjung Gandaki Boarding School, Lamachaur-16 Pokhara

Kailash is the kind of person who is ever ready to share and learn new things. Volunteering , participation, setting goals and working on it are his integral characteristics that best define him. His dream is to study psychology in US Universities. According to him, believing in God , serving humanity and accepting what life throws at him are the prominent paths that lead to a happy and meaningful life. He loves to pen his thoughts into words , practice martial arts, and travel in his leisure time.

Samprada Pradhan

Birgunj, Parsa Malpi City School, Naxal, Kathmandu Trinity International SS & College, Kathmandu

Samprada is a hard-core MUNer, debater, and tech geek. She has served as the President of Trinity Computer Council, one of the most prestigious clubs & led the annual college magazine, Infinity 2022.

This human is one lovely soul you’ll never forget if you ever spend even a small bit of time with. She has a great sense of humor and works hard for what she is made accountable for. She is very selfless and reliable at all times.

Her involvement in Hami Nepal made her believe humanity, dedication, faith, and truthfulness are the most fundamental virtues to improve ourselves.

Timila Dangol

Khokana, Lalitpur Sudesha High School, Nakhkhu, Lalitpur St. Xavier's School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

Timila is an avid learner driven by curiosity and passion. She aims to gain a CS or mathematics degree in USA. You will find her indulged in fictions, knitting/crocheting or journaling during her free time. She enjoys teaching which led her to volunteer as a mathematics and science tutor for visually impaired students. She loves the idea of romanticizing and enjoying every moment of life no matter how trivial the moment is.

Nisha Poudel

Rupandehi Takshashila Academy, Kathmandu Kathmandu Institute Of Science and Technology, Kathmandu

She is an outgoing person who enjoys mingling with others, exchanging ideas, and learning about various worldviews. She is determined to revolutionize the way that mental health issues are handled and make them available to everyone. Her intended major will be psychology. She likes to take quick walks while reminiscing on her thoughts, read books, and listen to music.