Bal Krishna Acharya

Hometown: Chitwan
SEE: Narayani Model Secondary School
Grade 11 and 12: The Times Secondary School

Bal Krishna believes in research rather than assumption and general hypothesis. He wants to learn about aircraft and spacecraft mechanism. Furthermore, he loves playing cricket, watching movies, scouting, and solving new problems. He aims for a world-class education in the field of Aeronautical Engineering in the USA.

Nischal Bhandari

Hometown: Tulsipur, Dang
SLC: Tulsi Boarding Higher Secondary School, Tulsipur, Dang
A-Levels: Orient College of Science and Management

Nischal advocates for environmental conservation, mental health, and youth empowerment. He likes movies, literature, artificial intelligence, and neural networks. The human brain and its anatomy intrigue him the most, and he will pursue Neuroscience in college.

Pratik Bhandari

Hometown: Butwal
SEE: New Horizon English Boarding Secondary School
Grade 11 and 12: The Times Secondary School

Pratik is most passionate about data analysis and numbers, which helped him crack the National Olympiads in Mathematics and Astronomy. Apart from this, he loves writing, astrophysics and watching psychological thriller movies. He wants to follow his passion and explore the fields of Mathematics and Engineering.

Arjun Bhattarai

Hometown: Nawalparasi
SLC: Nawalpur Higher Secondary School, Nawalparasi
Grade 11 and 12: Caspian Valley College, Lalitpur

Arjun’s major interests are debating, public speaking, writing and social service. He loves exploration, adventures, traveling, football, cycling and meaningful conversation. Having completed his schooling from Nawalparasi, he wants to pursue education in the US to push himself to the brim and to contribute something to humankind’s legacy.

Krishna Narayan Chaudhary

Hometown: Saptari
SLC: Lumbini Academy Higher Secondary School
Grade 11 and 12: Reliance International Academy

Since childhood, Krishna learned to face adversity which helped him explore new possibilities in life. As he grew up, he was astonished by the laws of physics and mathematics. He loves watching celestial space-related movies and reading fiction novels. He aspires to study Aeronautical Engineering to initiate aircraft development in Nepal. He is thankful to USEF-Nepal for providing this life-changing opportunity.

Ramkrishna Gurung

Hometown: Laprak, Gorkha
SEE: Eternal Light Public Higher Secondary School
Grade 11 and 12: Brihaspati Vidyasadan

Ramkrishna believes in miracles brought by education, which he has been working toward in the midst of life’s difficulties. He loves coding, reading novels, teaching, and volunteering. He would like to pursue Computer Science as his major in the USA, as well as explore other fields of study.

Samin Gurung

Hometown: Pokhara
SEE: Rainbow Academic Homes Higher Secondary School
Grade 11 & 12: SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Gandaki

Samin is the only OF20 grantee to have completed high school outside Kathmandu, the nation’s capital.  He is thankful his parents taught him early that poverty isn’t an absence of wealth, but the absence of ideas. Samin will pursue Mechanical Engineering.

Asmod Khakurel

Hometown: Panchakanya-1, Nuwakot
SEE: Shanti Kunja Academy, Likhu-4, Nuwakot
Grade 11 and 12: DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati Secondary School

Since childhood, Asmod believed that he is born to make a powerful impact on his society. He wants to be a role model for the coming generation. At six feet tall, he loves playing volleyball and other sporting activities. He likes talking with people and making new friends. He is also a Nexgen Youth 2019 and IYS member. He is interested in Computer science and Economics.

Subrat Prasad Pandey

Hometown: Parasi, Nawalparasi
SLC: Little Angels’ Higher Secondary School, Nawalparasi
Grade 11 and 12: Trinity International College, Kathmandu

Subrat loves observing people—their lifestyle, culture, behavior—and blogs his observations. He likes cricket, quiz books, writing, AI, political affairs, business and tech startups, and sustainable economy, and enjoys discussing the existence of extraterrestrial beings. Subrat believes that the Opportunity Funds Program will realize his childhood aspiration of studying in the USA with full scholarship. He intends to major in Economics/ Engineering.

Dikshya Pathak

Hometown: Nuwakot
SLC: Fluorescent Higher Secondary School
Grade 11 and 12: Rehdon Higher Secondary School

Dikshya always wished for a quality education and started learning about US education from her early teenage years. Since then, she has longed to be a part of the system although she knew she could not afford it. She is grateful towards USEF-Nepal’s Opportunity Funds Program for being her ray of hope. She likes writing spoken word poetry and loves reading fantasy novels. She wants to major in Psychology and Literature.

Shreemad Pradhan

Hometown: Kathmandu
SLC: GEMS School
A Levels: GEMS Institute of Higher Education

Shreemad wants to challenge the norm, experiment, and dare take more risks. Raised by his bajai, his mum, and his didi—three women of three generations—Shreemad came of age in a woman’s world. Shreemad keeps a flexible, open mindset while exploring his options for #StudyInTheUSA.

Sriyans Rauniyar

Hometown: Kathmandu
SEE: Martyrs’ Memorial HSEB School, Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu
Grade 11 and 12: Kathmandu Model Secondary School, Bagbazar, Kathmandu

Though Sriyans was enrolled in Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, his dream of getting into a US university led him to apply for the Opportunity Funds Program. He finds OF as a huge opportunity to develop himself as a global competitor and a conscientious learner. Sriyans enjoys playing basketball, watching documentaries, and traveling. He is a youth activist and a trainer at the US Embassy’s Book Bus Program. He is interested in tech entrepreneurship. His major field of interest is Engineering/Economics.

Deepshikha Shrestha

Hometown: Kathmandu
SLC: Shuvatara School
A Levels: Trinity International College

Deepshikha loves exploring new ideas and destinations. An avid reader, she spends most of her free time reading. History fascinates her: she is intrigued by the events of the pasts and its mysteries. She plans to major in Economics and History.

Abhishek Soni

Hometown: Parsa
SEE: Bharat Baba Secondary Boarding School, Kalaiya
Grade 11 and 12: St. Xavier’s College Maitighar, Kathmandu

Abhishek plays the harmonica and drums. He likes football, cricket, painting, and technology. Nature and its magic fascinate him. He wishes to pursue Computer Engineering in the encouraging pedagogic environment of the USA.

Sumina Suwal

Hometown: Kavrepalanchok
SEE: KMC School
Grade 11 and 12: St. Xavier’s College

Astronomy has never failed to amaze Sumina. She loves books and philosophy. She wants to pursue a career in Astrophysics and thereby, make a change.

Bibatshu Thapa Chhetri

Hometown: Mangalpur, Chitwan
SLC: Whitefield Higher Secondary School
Grade 11 and 12: National School of Sciences (NIST), Lainchaur

From Chitwan, Bibatshu  has always had  keen interest in computers. He spends most of his free time either programming or in sports activities. He looks forward to pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.