The 2018 Fulbright Foreign Student Program


General Instructions for Completing and Filing the Application Form

  • Read these instructions carefully. Complete the application carefully and correctly and submit within the deadline. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. The application forms from previous years should not be used, nor the questions asked in the application, especially on the electronic version, deleted or altered.
  • All responses, including dates, in the application must be in English. Double check for correct spelling and grammar. Write “Not Applicable” or “N/A” in places where the information requested is not applicable to you.
  • For question no. 4, your proposed field of study must be a recognized discipline for advanced study, not a professional job specialty.
  • Under “name of degree” clearly state I.A., I.Sc., I.Com., B.A., B.Com., etc., so we know exactly which degrees you have received. Give the name and location of the schools, colleges or universities from which you graduated. For major subject, give your major field. Do not list all the subjects you studied. The duration of the course is the number of years the course is supposed to run; not how many years it took you to complete the degree. Check an appropriate box next to the duration (or write the duration in the given box if it is different from the available options); and also mention in one of the columns whether the degree was completed under the semester system or yearly system. You should not convert your grades from GPA to percentage figures, if the normal grading system at your place of study is GPA/CGPA, and your GPA or percentage figures should not be rounded up.
  • Give a description of your employment, including job title and your job duties. (3-5 main responsibilities)
  • Your statement of purpose and personal essay must not only include excellent content but also be well structured, effectively organized, properly punctuated, and smoothly written. Many candidates are eliminated because of weak essays! Each essay should be no longer than the space provided. (Remember, longer is not necessarily better.) Please see the Tips for Excellent Essays. Any plagiarism detected in any part of the application will result in immediate ineligibility.
  • This application must be completed and submitted online, accompanied by all the required documents that must be uploaded. You will receive a confirmation email stating that your application has been successfully submitted.
  • Please upload the following documents:
    1. Photo
    2. Attested copies of diplomas/certificates (arranged in a chronological order; the oldest at the top and the most recent at the bottom; starting from SLC or equivalent degree). Certificates in languages other than English must be accompanied by complete English translations.
    3. Attested copies of marksheets/transcripts for all of the examinations (arranged in a chronological order; starting from SLC or equivalent degree). Transcripts in languages other than English must be accompanied by complete English translations.
    4. Attested copy/ies (or original) of the proof of the required years of employment (three years for men; one year for women; arranged in a chronological order).
    5. Copy of Nepali citizenship (no need for English translation).
    6. Attested copy (or original) of physician’s letter attesting to your good health. The letter should be brief and written not more than 6 months before the application submission deadline, and should be on the physician’s letterhead or a hospital letterhead.
    7. Attested copy of valid TOEFL score report (only if the test has been taken).


    Attestation of photocopies of documents may be made by the issuing institution, USEF-Nepal, Government of Nepal, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University or a government approved notary public. Please do not upload any extra documents (certificates etc.) other than those mentioned above.

The online applications must be submitted no later than 4:00 p.m., Monday, April 23, 2018. Late applications will not be considered.

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