Deadlines & Fees


Registration Opens: May 20, 2024

Registration Fee: $2,500  Flat rate

Additional representative: $500

All participants registering for Nepal will be charged a flat rate registration fee of $2,500.               

Registration Deadline: July 31, 2024

Payment Deadline: Within 15 business days of registering for the tour

Registration is not considered confirmed until complete payment has been received. If an institution has registered and not paid within the stipulated timeline, their registration will be cancelled and may be offered to another.

Cancellation: EducationUSA fair cancellations received on or before August 5, 2024 will be reimbursed 50% of total price minus the cost of wire transfer fees or processing fees. All cancellations requests made after August 5, 2024 will not be reimbursed. Cancellations can only be made by sending an email to

Visa: Upon arrival