About the Program

The 2021-2022 Competition is now closed. The 2022-2023 competition will open in the fall of 2021. Please check back.

The Visiting Scholar Program (also known as the Post Doc or Senior Scholar program) provides thousands of scholars with the opportunity to develop collaborative research and/or artistic relationships with US scholars or artists; and to enhance scholarly publications and other contributions with research and/or artistic practice conducted in the US and to establish professional contacts in their field and make long-lasting friendships with colleagues in the US.

For post-doctoral researchers, through doing research, guest lecturing, and pursuing other scholarly interests in a completely different environment, scholars return home scholars return home personally invigorated and professionally stimulated.

For senior artists, the grant is an opportunity to expand professional and artistic networks, or to gain skills and expertise in a particular aspect of artistic practice and to share with American colleagues and communities the rich and diverse cultural and artistic heritage and contemporary practice of art in Nepal.

The grant duration is for up to nine months of residence in the US.


1. When can I apply for the program?

The competition opens each year in September.

2. Do I need a doctorate?

Yes, a Doctoral degree (for researchers) or equivalent professional training or experience at the time of application and for professionals and artists outside academe, a recognized professional standing and substantial professional accomplishment is expected.

3. Do I need take TOEFL before applying?

TOEFL scores are not required at the time of application. If you pass the initial screening then you are required to take the TOEFL test, which is offered free of cost by the Commission.

4. Do I need work experience?

A minimum of three years’ post-doctoral professional experience in Nepal (for post-doctoral researchers); a minimum of five years of experience in the area and at least three years’ continuous residence in Nepal prior to the grant application (for artists) is required.

7. What is a physician’s letter? Do I need to take tests and provide reports?

We do not require any test reports. You just need your regular doctor to verify that you are physically and mentally in a good condition. This should be signed and in the doctor’s letterhead.

8. What are the documents that need to be attested?

The transcripts and certificates need to be attested. You do not need to attest your work experience letters.

9. Can I apply again if I was not selected in the previous years?

You are encouraged to re-apply.

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