Key Elements of a Competitive Application


  • Take care to answer all questions to the best of your ability.
  • Make sure that you spell your name correctly and in English; do not use diacritical markings; if you only have one name, use the last name field.
  • Make sure that the information you have added into the online application text boxes displays completely.
  • List all postsecondary schools attended, including study abroad programs, and list in order of those most recently attended.
  • List all academic, professional, and personal awards and honors achieved.
  • Write a clearly articulated study objective or academic goal statement. This is an important component of your application and is your opportunity to state what you want to study and to achieve. Be specific.
  • Write a personal statement which clearly details who you are and your experiences. You can both highlight your strengths and address any inconsistencies or perceived weaknesses.
  • Identify no less than 4 institutions of your preference
  • Review the plagiarism agreement and acknowledge that you understand and will comply with the agreement.

Letters of Reference:

  • IMPORTANT! Letters of References should ideally be from people who know you well in a professional capacity. We recommend focusing on work contacts OR on academic contacts
  • Referees should be able to speak to your strengths
  • Referees should be chosen so that they say different things about you.
  • Note, in some educational systems the reputation of the referee is important. However, in the US this is not a consideration if the referee does not know you well
  • We recommend that your referees complete the online reference letter. You may register them as part of the online application process. 

Academic Transcripts and Translations (sometimes referred to as mark sheets)

  • Transcripts must list all courses and/or subjects taken and the grades received. Ideally, they should indicate when the course was taken. Most transcripts contain a ‘legend’ that will explain what an ‘excellent’ grade, a ‘passing’ grade, etc. is
  • You must submit attested official transcripts. Attestation of photocopies of documents may be made by the issuing institution, Government of Nepal, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University or a government approved notary public
  • Transcripts, if in Nepali, must be translated in English. It can be issued by the school or by a qualified translator. Translations must be literal—not interpretive