Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program 2023-24

Visiting Scholar Program deadline- 11:59 PM December 20, 2022

Arrangements For Affiliation With A U.S. Host Institution

Dr. Puspa Poudel’s study aimed to “Develop Phenotypic Markers in Grape Seedlings that Predict High Malate in Fruit.”

One of the most important components of the Fulbright Scholar Program is a formal affiliation at a U.S. university or research institution (for artist applicants, this affiliation may be at a U.S. university, museum or cultural institution). For this grant, applicants must contact colleagues at U.S. institutions and make preliminary plans for their own placements by securing a letter of invitation from the prospective host institution.  

Important Note: A suitable and supportive affiliation is very important for your application. Often it is the decisive factor. Make sure you choose your affiliation very carefully and make sure to explain and justify your choice. The most effective letters of support show not only that the institution will give you status and space to work but that they think you are a good intellectual fit for their own interests and priorities. 

The task of affiliation is substantially facilitated if you have a project that is clearly defined and well written, as prospective host institutions also want to be assured that you can conduct research in English. If you have studied previously in the U.S., you should avoid seeking affiliation at your U.S. alma mater. This is to ensure that you expand your contacts within the U.S. academic community.