Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program 2024-25

Visiting Scholar Program deadline- 11:59 PM November 6, 2023

The Project Statement

2018-2019 Visiting Scholars at the Fulbright Enrichment program at Minnesota

The project statement is the most important component of the Fulbright application. Scholars/artists with the most compelling, theoretically sound, well-written, feasible proposals are generally recommended for awards. Sometimes those with outstanding professional achievements assume that a brief, general project statement will be sufficient. It is not.

  • The project statement itself must be three to five single-spaced typed pages (3,500 words). Do not exceed the page limit of the proposal. Including irrelevant or extraneous material may divert attention from the project statement
  • Begin the project statement with your name, country and the project title at the top of page one. At the top of each subsequent page, type your name and country
  • Number each page
  • In addition, attach a select bibliography of no more than three pages (2,100 words), if appropriate, to your proposed research.
  • Organize your proposal in order of the following sections, which appear in bold print, and use them as headings for sections of text in your statement