Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program 2024-25

Visiting Scholar Program deadline- 11:59 PM November 6, 2023

Writing Style

  • Clear, concise, and compelling writing matters. Make each word count
  • Emphasize key points in the first paragraph of the proposal. Reviewers examine many Fulbright applications, and having to search for the main points of the proposed activity is not helpful. You should grab the reviewer’s attention quickly and state clearly what you want to do, why it is important and how you will do it. You should use the rest of the proposal to support your statements in the opening paragraphs
  • You may want to use the first person, but you should avoid flooding your proposal with “I’s” or referring to yourself in the third person
  • The first sentence of each paragraph helps readers understand that paragraph’s main point
  • Selective use of lists can be very effective. For example: I have three main objectives. First, to develop A and B.  Second, to test C and D. Third, to publish my results in E and F
  • Wordiness can significantly undermine the effectiveness of proposals. Make each word count; cut the rest
  • Avoid jargon. Make sure general readers will understand your proposal. Keep your proposal simple and straightforward so that an educated reader from another discipline can understand it
  • Avoid the passive voice
  • Eliminate vague, unspecific language. Give clear and concrete details