Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program 2024-25

Visiting Scholar Program deadline- 11:59 PM November 6, 2023

For a Research Project

Background: Introduce the research topic. Place the project in academic or professional context by referring to major works by others on the subject. Explain very clearly what has been done on this topic and what needs to be done. This is extremely important

Objectives: Clearly define the aims of the project. Consider listing your objectives for clarity

Methodology: Describe the project. Explain the approach, methods and plan you will use (for example, interviews, library or archival research, or laboratory experiments). Indicate whether the proposed research is quantitative or qualitative. Again, consider a list of methods

Significance: Explain the importance of the project for your home country, your field, and your own professional development. Showing your work’s import for your country is extremely important. Indicate what effect you expect the opportunity to have on your teaching or professional work in your home country. (For example: new approaches to curriculum planning, student advising or pedagogy; expanding knowledge in the field through collaboration with U.S. colleagues). Describe briefly the expected impact of your participation on your home institution, community or professional field

Evaluation and Dissemination: Describe plans for assessment and distribution of research results in your home country and elsewhere

Justification for Residence in the U.S. for the Proposed Project: 1) Indicate why it is necessary for the accomplishment of the project to conduct research in the U.S. and 2) why the university you proposed is appropriate for your study

Duration: Explain how the project can be completed within the time period proposed. Outline the schedule for completing your project

English Proficiency: Describe your level of competence in speaking, reading and writing. Explain your assessment

Other: If applicable, indicate the quantity, format and transportation requirements for any botanical, zoological or mineral samples that you will need to bring to the U.S. for analysis.